It’s not every day that you come across someone like Jess Williamson. At the age of 22, she fearlessly founded Ete, a Perth-based swimwear label designed for the feminine adventurer. The brand’s success was extraordinary, catapulting Jess onto the global stage with an invitation to showcase Ete at New York Fashion Week just one week […]

BIZ TOOLS: How to use influencer marketing to level up your brand with Jess Williamson

Digital Marketing

Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive sneak peek into the world of empowerment, education, and inspiration with Téa Angelos, the founder of one of Australia’s most influential communities for women on Instagram – Smart Women Society (SWS).  Téa’s journey with SWS began as a passion project that had been percolating in her mind for years. […]

POWER WOMEN: How to grow a thriving IG community with Smart Women Society founder Téa Angelos

Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Tech Trends

Generation Z is, without a doubt, one of the most elusive and fascinating generations of our time. Many of us have family members or friends belonging to this cohort of young individuals, and their impact on society and marketing has been nothing short of remarkable.  In today’s episode, we will embark on an exciting journey […]

Agents of change: how Gen Z changed the landscape of marketing for good with Tyneal Alexander from Ritual Consulting

Digital Marketing

Change is a constant in the world of business and personal growth. For the past three and a half years, the GrowGetters podcast has been on a journey of evolution, learning, and inspiration. As it reaches its 150th episode milestone, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the highlights of the past, the values that […]

150 episodes of GrowGetters!


Did you know that you are unique? Your experiences, strategies, approaches, and skillset combine to create a distinct individual, unlike any other in this vast world. Have you ever considered yourself a brand? In the modern landscape, viewing yourself as a brand opens up a multitude of opportunities to stand out, amplify your impact, and […]

YOU are the brand: a lesson in personal branding with Louise Booth

Entrepreneurship, Monetise Skills

What inspires your personal brand? And why is it so important that you get it right? I started going back through a program I purchased years ago from Marie Forleo called the B School, which is a several-week-long program on how to work on your personal brand and how to build a business that you’d like […]

5 proven ways to shape your personal brand.

Digital Marketing

5 proven ways to shape your personal brand

What are the marketing “non-negotiables” to increase sales in your business? This week on the podcast we have an expert masterclass with Christine Lieu! She is the mastermind behind the Brand Party Podcast. Christine is a graphic designer who helps purpose-driven businesses create a cohesive branding web design and social media content strategy to increase […]

Marketing “non-negotiables” to increase sales in your business.

Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Marketing "non-negotiables" to increase sales in your business with Christine Lieu

No matter what stage your business or career is at, creating a successful brand is essential to building your audience and standing out in the market for all the right reasons. So, how can you be a thought leader in your industry? In today’s episode, Belinda Wall answers all our questions about personal branding and thought […]

How to be a thought leader in your industry with Belinda Wall.

Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship

How to be a thought leader in your industry with brand expert Belinda Wall

Being present and consistent is a great way to expand your network and audience, but it doesn’t mean you should be present on EVERY single channel. The way to be consistent is to make sure you’re on the right platform that works for you, applying a clear content strategy. In today’s episode, Eleanor Mayrhofer will […]

The biggest mistakes to avoid when building your online presence, with digital marketing expert Eleanor Mayrhofer

Digital Marketing

The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Online Presence

Have you unlocked your brand’s secret potential? Believe it or not, you can build your own brand, and elevate your brand status to the point where people love it. The type of love that they’ll tell their friends about how much they love it. But what exactly can we do to elevate our brand to […]

The secret to building a brand that people love.


The Secret To Building A Brand That People Love

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