Being present and consistent is a great way to expand your network and audience, but it doesn’t mean you should be present on EVERY single channel. The way to be consistent is to make sure you’re on the right platform that works for you, applying a clear content strategy. In today’s episode, Eleanor Mayrhofer will […]

The biggest mistakes to avoid when building your online presence, with digital marketing expert Eleanor Mayrhofer

Digital Marketing

The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Online Presence

There are tons of ways to make additional income and sell your skills. But today we focus on the ways that we think lend you the best credibility to your personal and professional brand and ways where you can actually control how you shape your product. In this episode, we talk about our top five […]

Our top 5 ways to monetise your skills.

Digital Products, Monetise Skills

Our Top 5 Ways To Monetise Your Skills

Anita Siek is the founder and director of Wordfetti – a human-centered brand strategy copywriting studio in Australia, which is dedicated to helping brands stand out through strategic thinking, consumer psychology, and brilliant words. In this episode, she helps us to further understand the importance of language when it comes to communicating value for your […]

How to create compelling content that connects with people.

Digital Marketing

Tanya and Tiffany have built careers in some of the most cutting edge fields of digital business, working around the world including Sydney, London, New York and Amsterdam.
They have both risen to the top of their game, amassing a suite of sought-after skills in digital strategy, digital marketing, design thinking, and innovation. Their joint passion in seeing women lead in business led them to launch and scale GrowGetters - growing it from a podcast to a funded startup.


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