It’s not every day that you come across someone like Jess Williamson. At the age of 22, she fearlessly founded Ete, a Perth-based swimwear label designed for the feminine adventurer. The brand’s success was extraordinary, catapulting Jess onto the global stage with an invitation to showcase Ete at New York Fashion Week just one week […]

BIZ TOOLS: How to use influencer marketing to level up your brand with Jess Williamson

Digital Marketing

As an executive teacher on maternity leave, Tracy Harris faced the age-old dilemma of choosing between a career and motherhood. However, Tracy sought a different path—one that allowed her to have both without compromise.  Armed with her skills, love of teaching, and tech-savvy prowess, Tracy started a profitable, scalable business aimed at helping other working […]

BIZ TOOLS: How to scale your business through memberships with Tracy Harris (Mums With Hustle)

Entrepreneurship, Monetise Skills

We are excited to share this motivating conversation with Bec Brown, a PR extraordinaire with over 20 years of experience in the creative industries and founder of the highly successful PR agency, The Comms Department.  What sets Bec apart is not just her professional success but also her commitment to empowering others. Her recent book, […]

POWER WOMEN: How to raise your profile for career success with Bec Brown


It’s not every day that we have the privilege of hosting a “funentrepreneur”, best-selling author, podcaster, speaker, event host, and presenter of Channel 7’s “House of Wellness”. Yes, you read that right – Sarah Davidson’s a powerhouse of talent and inspiration! In this episode, Sarah opens up about her experiences, sharing tips on turning side […]

POWER WOMEN: How to turn your side hustle into an empire with Sarah Davidson (Seize the Yay)


Let’s play big! Suz Chadwick is a force to be reckoned with in the world of branding. In this conversation, Suz tells us how she became one of the boldest branding figures today. She is also sharing her insights and bold approach to building a powerful brand.  Let’s uncover the secrets to creating a bolder, […]

POWER WOMEN: How to play big and build a BOLD brand with Suz Chadwick

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth

Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive sneak peek into the world of empowerment, education, and inspiration with Téa Angelos, the founder of one of Australia’s most influential communities for women on Instagram – Smart Women Society (SWS).  Téa’s journey with SWS began as a passion project that had been percolating in her mind for years. […]

POWER WOMEN: How to grow a thriving IG community with Smart Women Society founder Téa Angelos

Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Tech Trends

Greetings everyone! In this week’s episode, we’re hosting an awesome Masterclass featuring the one and only Stacey June. Stacey is one of Australia’s most renowned and enduring podcast and radio broadcasters. She is the founder of The Thinkergirls, author of the “Single Pringle,” and co-founder of Beju Podcasts. Currently hosting three podcasts—The Stacey June Show, […]

POWER WOMEN: How to create the career of your dreams with media personality Stacey June

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth

Today’s episode is a masterclass about the power of chatbots and what you need to build your own. Our guest, Melanie Walter, is a visionary in anti-stress resilience and AI-supported chatbot solutions. Her brainchild, iBindo, has been making waves on Slack, and was developed to support employee mental health in the workplace. Join us as […]

HOLIDAY MASTERCLASS: Build your own chatbot.

Digital Products, Entrepreneurship

As we finish this three part series, we discuss the testing and refinement process, highlighting the importance of going back to the drawing board in order to create the best outcome. Join us in this conversation about the rinse-and-repeat process and discover why it’s truly worth the effort. If you haven’t already, check out part one and part […]

PART 3: Test and validate your idea for success.

Entrepreneurship, Monetise Skills

This second part of this series offers insights on gathering data and how to turn this valuable data into actionable opportunities.  Join us as we talk about the process of refining ideas, identifying patterns, and developing a problem statement to kickstart your expression of interest. Did you miss part one? Listen to that here first! […]

PART 2: Solving a real problem people face.


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