In the first part of this series, we talk about what transforms an idea from good to great. The answer lies in its ability to solve a genuine problem, its uniqueness, accessibility, purpose, and simplicity. More than a mere concept, a great idea addresses an unmet need, delivering tangible value to people. This journey of […]

PART 1: What makes a great idea for a product or business?

Entrepreneurship, Monetise Skills

What makes a great idea for a product or business?

We’re thrilled to have you here for today’s exclusive GrowGetters Club Open Day, featuring our special Open Day Masterclass. It’s an honour to introduce the brilliant co-founders of Tales of Tomorrow, Elvira Barriga and Christiane Patic. In this episode, Elvira and Christiane will take us on a transformative journey to understand how we can replenish […]

How to bounce back from anything: secrets revealed by Tales of Tomorrow

Personal Growth

How to bounce back from anything: secrets revealed by Tales of Tomorrow

Welcome to the world of grants, tenders, and the art of winning clients. Jacinta Simms has over 16 years of experience working with major brands like Renault, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Bayer, and is here to share valuable insights on a formula that brings together grants, tenders, and client acquisition. At the heart […]

Crafting winning grant proposals: insights from Jacinta Simms

Digital Products, Entrepreneurship

Crafting Winning Grant Proposals: Insights from Jacinta Simms

We have a serene and enlightening peer-to-peer session for you today.  Louise Glas has combined her passion for both mindfulness and tea to create Lady Glass, a fine tea brand that embodies elegance and tranquillity. As a registered nurse and a certified tea specialist, she has seamlessly blended her background in psychiatric nursing with her […]

Reduce stress, boost productivity, and practice self-compassion with Louise Glas

Entrepreneurship, Monetise Skills

We are excited to present CAN DO! Content, where words transform, connections deepen, and businesses flourish. At the helm of this transformative enterprise is Nadine Nethery, a strategic copywriter and the visionary founder of rewriting the rules of copywriting. Nadine, with her keen insight and passion for storytelling, guides businesses through the maze of digital […]

The strategic must-haves for a winning website with Nadine Nethery from Can Do! Content

Digital Marketing

In today’s peer-to-peer session, Lisa Severing joins us in discussing the intersection of society and finances. As a seasoned sociologist and financial advisor, she created Lilliettes, a platform dedicated to enhancing financial literacy, especially among women. This session isn’t just about financial buzzwords or money mindsets. Lisa brings something more profound to the table: the […]

Money and me: the sociology of personal finances with Lisa Severing


Diversity is a term we’ve heard countless times. We’re repeatedly told that we should be recruiting more diverse talent, encouraging diverse perspectives, and ensuring equal opportunities for all. It’s become a buzzword in today’s world.  In our peer-to-peer session with Tatjana Krajsic, shares her expertise about diversity and explains that despite our growing awareness and […]

The essence of diversity and embracing our differences with Tatjana Krajsic

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth

Today, we have something extra special and super exclusive for you. We are hosting an exclusive Masterclass with THE authority on reality TV insider gossip in Australia, Megan Pustetto! In ONLY 3 MONTHS, Megan’s brilliant podcast So Dramatic! hit the top of the charts and is now officially the NUMBER 1 TV podcast in Australia!! So […]

Getting to the top of the podcast charts with Megan Pustetto from the So Dramatic! podcast (Re-Release)

Entrepreneurship, Monetise Skills

We are hosting an unmissable masterclass with 2 very special guests on the poddy today. Amy and Sophie Taeuber – hosts of Outspoken The Podcast and founders of Hula Media. Amy, Sophie and their sister Kate are identical triplets that have created the incredible Outspoken The Podcast that tackles issues facing women today, plus lots […]

Plan your PR like a pro with Outspoken podcast co-hosts and Hula Media founders Amy and Sophie Taeuber (Re-Release)

Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Generation Z is, without a doubt, one of the most elusive and fascinating generations of our time. Many of us have family members or friends belonging to this cohort of young individuals, and their impact on society and marketing has been nothing short of remarkable.  In today’s episode, we will embark on an exciting journey […]

Agents of change: how Gen Z changed the landscape of marketing for good with Tyneal Alexander from Ritual Consulting

Digital Marketing

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