In the first part of this series, we talk about what transforms an idea from good to great. The answer lies in its ability to solve a genuine problem, its uniqueness, accessibility, purpose, and simplicity. More than a mere concept, a great idea addresses an unmet need, delivering tangible value to people. This journey of […]

PART 1: What makes a great idea for a product or business?

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What makes a great idea for a product or business?

Are you stuck in a career rut? Do you have this itching feeling that your current job just doesn’t feel quite right? Or do you know for sure that there must be something better out there?  If this sounds like you, then this episode is a must-listen! We chat with Dalia Lourenço, an amazing Career […]

Design a career you love on your terms with Dalia Lourenco

Monetise Skills, Personal Growth

Did you know that you are unique? Your experiences, strategies, approaches, and skillset combine to create a distinct individual, unlike any other in this vast world. Have you ever considered yourself a brand? In the modern landscape, viewing yourself as a brand opens up a multitude of opportunities to stand out, amplify your impact, and […]

YOU are the brand: a lesson in personal branding with Louise Booth

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WTF is scalability? We recently ran a bunch of user interviews for our core business offering GrowGetters Club and had in-depth conversations with our members and also women who represented our ideal customers. One of the questions we asked each of them was what scalability means to them. And the really interesting thing about it […]

WTF is scalability and why does it matter?

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Imagine feeling secure with the income you have and creating products and services that you love to offer. Imagine not being dependent on just one stream of income. Having that financial freedom is why a portfolio career or business is the new normal. It’s something that we touched on in last week’s episode, “Why diversifying […]

Why a ‘portfolio’ career or business is the new normal

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Why do you need to test your idea before you build? If you are anything like us, you have a mind brimming with new ideas for a product, a business, or a service. If you are a business owner already, when are you not thinking of new ideas to make your business better?  In this […]

Why you need to test your idea before you build.

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Why you need to test your idea before you build

Starting a podcast is fun! But how can you create extra income while doing what you love?  Anne initially planned to be a lawyer, but later realized it wasn’t what she wanted to do. Feeling lost, she went backpacking to Southeast Asia to find herself. Along her journey, she discovered her passion, podcasting.  Anne Claessen […]

How to monetise your podcast with Anne Claessen.

Monetise Skills

How To Monetise Your Podcast with The Podcast Babes Founder, Anne Claessen

Do you have a cracking idea for a product service or business, or is your business already launched? Are you a pioneer, a first-of-its-kind type of business, or does your business play in a pretty saturated market?   In this super-duper snack-sized episode, we are going to equip you with the four core questions you need […]

The 4 questions you need to ask about your competitors.


The 4 Questions You Need To Ask About Your Competitors

Do you have a killer idea for a product, service, or business? Maybe you have a passion project or side hustle you want to start monetizing? In this snack-sized episode, we are going to share with you four super easy ways to rapidly test out the potential for your idea before you spend a whole […]

4 ways to quickly test if your business idea is going to fly.

Digital Products, Entrepreneurship

4 Ways To Quickly Test If Your Business Idea Is Going To Fly

There are tons of ways to make additional income and sell your skills. But today we focus on the ways that we think lend you the best credibility to your personal and professional brand and ways where you can actually control how you shape your product. In this episode, we talk about our top five […]

Our top 5 ways to monetise your skills.

Digital Products, Monetise Skills

Our Top 5 Ways To Monetise Your Skills

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