If you’re someone who works their life away in safe jobs to pay the bills, working day and night, feeling unhappy despite working hard your whole life… You might ask yourself: how can I get out of this trap? Are you in fear of taking the next step in choosing the life you want to […]

Why a powerful vision is critical for your startup with Sophia Sunwoo.

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth

Why A Powerful Vision Is Critical For Your Lady Startup, With Entrepreneur Sophia Sunwoo

How do you achieve success as a woman in today’s generation?  Today, we are going back to our first ever celebrity interview on GrowGetters, which originally aired in 2020. This interview honestly helped cement GrowGetters as a serious podcast player.  Jeetendr Sehdev, the bestselling author of The Kim Kardashian principle, gives us lessons on influencing. […]

Lessons on influencing with Celebrity Branding Expert Jeetendr Sehdev.

Digital Marketing

Lessons On Influencing From Kim Kardashian With Celebrity Branding Expert Jeetendr Sehdev

We are certain that you’ve come across the terms Bitcoin blockchain or cryptocurrency right? But have you heard about NFTs and if you have, do you know exactly what they are and how they work? In this episode, we give you the download on NFTs and how you can get started today. What does NFT […]

WTF are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and how to get started.

Monetise Skills, Tech Trends

Mindset determines success. It is where every idea begins and flourishes. With a healthy and positive mindset, anything is possible. But, when a mindset is blocked by limiting beliefs and negative emotions, that’s when failure can happen. Today, we have invited Christine Corcoran. She is a business mindset master coach, speaker, and co-founder of the […]

Cultivate a CEO mindset with Master Coach, Christine Corcoran.

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth

Christine Corcoran GrowGetters

The pandemic has been catastrophic to so many businesses, and the magazine industry was not spared. A lot of big named magazines closed, but for Katarina, it has become the perfect moment to launch and publish T Australia: The New York Times Style Magazine.  Growing up, Katarina Kroslakova was brought up embracing change, staying positive, […]

How Katarina Kroslakova launched a magazine.

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth

How Katarina Kroslakova Successfully Launched And Published A National Magazine Amidst The Pandemic

We define a GrowGetter as someone who turns their genius and passion into products people love. They do it to create a multi-hyphenate, multi-passionate career, or business with a purpose. Being a GrowGetter is more than just about being a side hustler, it’s about being an innovator, living creatively, and having the courage to disrupt your own status quo. It’s about diversifying your career or business through multiple income streams. So you and your career stay future-proof and always ahead of the game.

What is a GrowGetter?

Entrepreneurship, Monetise Skills, Personal Growth

New things are coming in 2023…

Public speaking can be a huge feat for a lot of people. You could be on stage frozen in fear and just lost for words. The good thing is there’s hope for everyone. Even introverted, shy, and timid individuals can be great public speakers. Today, we have invited Sally Prosser, an excellent voice and presentation […]

Level up your public speaking with Sally Prosser.

Personal Growth

MASTERCLASS: Level Up Your Public Speaking with Sally Prosser

We have been cooking up a bunch of new things behind the scenes at GrowGetters HQ for Season 5! We are so excited to be back! And we can’t wait to get it out there and share it with you. You may have noticed that we have a brand new look, we have a new […]

The brand new GrowGetters Podcast!

Monetise Skills

In this episode, we feature none other than the brilliant copy mentor and communication strategist, Nadine Nethery. She is the founder of the content and copywriting business for female founders, Can Do! Content. What is strategic messaging? My take on copywriting is always strategic because you can have many words that don’t mean anything, and […]

How to craft clever copy that sells and delights.

Digital Marketing

Ever since Facebook decided to rebrand and reposition the company as Meta, the Metaverse has been a hot property amongst companies, big and small all over the world. And each wants to stake their claim to the virtual future. This week we are going to replay one of our most popular episodes of the past […]

WTF is the Metaverse and how can you be a part of it.

Tech Trends

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