WTF is scalability? We recently ran a bunch of user interviews for our core business offering GrowGetters Club and had in-depth conversations with our members and also women who represented our ideal customers. One of the questions we asked each of them was what scalability means to them. And the really interesting thing about it […]

WTF is scalability and why does it matter?

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We all want financial stability, right? For any business or career, diversifying your revenue streams is a must-have since it is all about helping you maintain that. In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about the benefits of revenue diversification and how you can create multi-revenue streams to help reduce risk in your business […]

Why diversifying your revenue streams is a MUST-HAVE for any business (or career!)

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Today we’re going to discuss the topic from idea to reality, which is the critical step that most founders miss in building a successful business. This subject is critical to the success of any idea or digital product from any small or large business. That topic is experimentation. As entrepreneurs, we often have big ideas […]

From idea to reality: the critical step to building a successful business

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Today we will be discussing 5 reasons why the problem you solve matters more than your idea. It is a bit of a controversial topic…and we are going to dive right into it anyway! The customer or user problem you solve is actually more important than the idea itself for your business, product, or service. […]

Reasons why the problem you solve matters more than your idea.

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5 reasons why the problem you solve matters more than your idea

90% of all startups will fail. Founding a startup is an attractive thing to do. However, actually creating something that people are willing to pay for is another story. The good news is that many failures in startups are preventable. So, how can using Lean Start-Up change how you do business forever? About 10 years […]

Why using Lean Start-Up will change how you do business forever…

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Why using Lean Start-Up will change how you do business forever.

Too many times in her career, Jeanette Botha found that the people who don’t deliver quality work, are often those who speak the loudest. In other words, too many real-deal professionals stay quiet and work behind the scenes. Does this sound like you?  Jeanette’s purpose is to make sure that no one is left behind. […]

Raise your voice to raise your profile with Jeanette Botha.

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Raise your voice to raise your profile with presentation coach Jeannette Botha

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a budding side hustler, or a decision-maker within an organization; innovation is fundamental to the survival of your business. Innovation isn’t just the latest technology or gadget, but a fundamental process you need to continually undertake in your business. In today’s episode, we will unpack WTF is innovation and […]

WTF is innovation and why your business needs it.


WTF Is Innovation And Why Your Business Needs It

You’ve probably spent lots of time perfecting a business model, and maybe it worked flawlessly for a while. However, the ebbs and flows of the market may require you to make some adjustments if an outdated model isn’t doing the job it once did. If you notice your company isn’t seeing the ongoing success and […]

Why your business model isn’t working for you.


Why Your Business Model Isn't Working For You

Are you clear about what you want? Clarity about your business goals is very important. It’s one of the factors that will determine success. What do you want? Are you happy with what you are doing? In today’s episode, we have invited Keltie Maguire, a clarity coach who helps small business owners get clear on […]

Discover what you really want with clarity coach Keltie Maguire.

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Discover what you really want with clarity coach Keltie Maguire

How can you overcome your fears of stepping out in front of your brand and becoming more visible online? In today’s episode, we are joined by Elaine Benson as she explores what it takes to practically grow your business by shifting your mindset and showing up more online.  Elaine Benson is a certified mindset coach […]

How to conquer imposter syndrome and show up to grow your business.

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How to conquer imposter syndrome and show up to grow your business with hypnotherapist Elaine Benson

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