are you spending hours on a passion project but not earning a cent? or you've got an idea for a biz or side hustle already but keep putting it off? or maybe you simply don't know where to start? 

Are you ready to turn your idea into income?

What if we told you that there's a proven roadmap to turning your idea into actual income?

Starting a business, no matter how small, is a daunting task! There's probably a gazillion thoughts running through your head.
"How do I know people want or need this?"
"Will people actually buy this?" 
"Do I need a bunch of followers on my socials?"
"I'm busy as F juggling my day job, how can I get this done?"

So you've got a mad good idea for a side hustle, digital product, or micro business. Now, where do you begin...

That in 9 weeks your brave idea will become a bona fide business.

Video modules released each week, so you can work on each method step-by-step, taking regular action on moving your idea forward.

2 x live weekly Q&A sessions with Tiffany and Tanya and your program peers, where we answer any of your burning questions.

Set time blocks purely for implementation. You'll use this time to put your learnings into action and make real progress with your idea.

Access to your program peers in a closed online community, to keep each other accountable and cheer lead you on!

When you join GrowGetters Accelerator you get: 

warning: our high-touch program is for makers, movers, and do-ers!
so if you're more comfortable hanging out on the sidelines, or watching hours of youtube videos without taking any action - than the growgetters accelerator is not for you! 

but if you're one fired up, ready to rock kinda gal, this is so for you!

Using a week-by-week approach, we guide you through the process of turning your brilliant idea into a sellable product that people desperately want to get their hands on. All in the space of 12 weeks. You'll be armed with proven methods from design thinking, product innovation, and the startup space and apply them directly to accelerate your own business. From idea, all the way through to execution. 

The 9-week accelerator program designed to get your idea out of your head and into the hands of your dream customers.

you'll Start generating profit from your passion, create more impact in your work, and get paid to be creative!

and yes...even if your following is teeny tiny, you’re swamped with work (and life), or you’ve tried and failed to start a business before.


growgetters accelerator 

You'll define your marketing channels, content pillars, and key messaging. You'll set up an organic sales funnel to grow your user base. You'll create a launch strategy including your key launch lead magnet. 

WEEKS 7-9:

You'll come up with a brand name, brand visual ID, business model, and pricing for your product. You'll define your "one sentence" elevator pitch. You'll choose your web platform and tech stack.

WEEKS 4-6:

You'll prototype, test, refine, and validate your idea by immersing yourself in your ideal customer's world. You'll pinpoint the problem you solve, the people you solve it for, and define your product promise.

WEEKS 1-3:

The 3 key phases of the program:

What started as a creative outlet, quickly turned into something so much more rewarding. When we started the GrowGetters podcast in 2020, we would never have imagined it would be listened to in over 30 countries around the world, let alone charting in the top 20!
Yet it was when we created GrowGetters Club that we knew we had an idea worth buying. By launching in BETA and prototyping our membership with (paying) members, we were able to create, test, and validate a product that was not just needed, but loved. 

we turned our own "hobby on the side" into a profitable business - and haven't looked back!

Hey! We're Tiff and Tan - the brains behind GrowGetters.

We did it! And you can do it too.

Today is the day I stop dreaming and start doing.

buckle up, it's go-time


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